My Week In Sewing: Batch Projects, My New Sewing Space, and The Cashmerette Club

Welcome back to week two of the My Week In Sewing blog feature. I have to say I have been looking forward to sitting down and writing this all week! This past week has been far more sewing focussed, started some new projects, I kept going with some old ones, I tried a new philosphy of sewing and I have an exciting announcement so grab a cup of tea and join me for a round up of my week.

After a week off with illness I returned to work on Monday. My week off definitely helped me slow down and gain perspective and I was determined to try and carry that into the week. Needless to say that didn’t necessarily happen, by Wednesday I found myself all stressed and tense again however I did manage to take 30 minutes to myself everyday which I think is an improvement. Furthermore although I could feel myself returning to old habits I was at least aware of those habits and I do feel like I’ve made positive progress. I guess the key is, as with all long term change, to remeber that nothing is going to happen overnight. I’ve done the hard bit and realised that I have to change my habits but the reality is that I am tackling habits that have been instilled in me since birth so its going to take some hard work to unlearn them. However, it is strange what a period of rest and reflection can do for your motivation. On Monday I started a project that I have literally been putting off for a year. A whole year! I started cutting out my Cloth Habit Harriet Bra. It was one of those moments where you realise that you were actually worrying about nothing. For more news on this make look out for a youtube sew-a-long coming in two weeks time!

This week’s mantra came from a podcast I was listening to which discussed whether something is convenient or whether its positive i.e. when you make a decision are you making that decision because its just easier to do it that way or because it will be actively positive for you. A good example of this for me is going to ballet, I adore going to ballet but often its just easier to work out at home when I get back from work. However if I really think about it, actually going to ballet and socialising with the class would be much more beneficial for me. Sometimes its not possible to go but often all I need to do is remember to put leggings and ballet shoes in my work bag and then I would be able to go. I decided to go to ballet on Thursday and I had a wonderful time so I’ll definitely be going regularly after the easter break – although I should highlight that I can still barely straighten my legs today they are so sore!

This mantra has also made me consider when I have energy and what I should do with those periods. Something I see lots of sewists do, but could never stomach myself, is batch cutting. My style of sewing used to be, one project at a time, long sewing days, cutting and sewing everything pretty much on the same day. The issue with that system is that it means I have nothing to work on in the week without starting a whole new project, something that I rarely have the time or energy to do on Wednesday night for example. Here enters a product that I was shamelessly influenced to buy by Ruan (The Yorkshire Sew Girl) which are these amazing A3 project bags. I bought them off amazon, I got a pack of 5 and I am in love. They allow me to batch cut projects when I have the energy and then during the week when I have a moment to sew I can grab which ever project I want to work on, do five minutes of sewing, and then put the project back in the bag in whatever state it is in! Honestly these bags have revolutionised my sewing. Part of the reason I used to try to get so much done in one session was so that I didn’t have little pieces of fabric or pattern floating around that might get lost. Being able to grab a project and work on it as much or as little as I am able and then safely store it away has really helped me to feel comfortable with any amount of progress and I feel like my sew-jo has flowered again as a result.

Adam finally tested negative for covid so I was able to move back into the bedroom on Thursday. Although it was really rubbish isolating from each other for such a long time, there was one big positive. Having too sleep in the office meant that I had to unpack the room to make space for a bed. The result? The bed is out and now my section of the office / sewing room is full unpacked and beautiful. My sewing machines are out on the side board, my desk it clear, all my sewing supplies are stowed appropriately and the space feels calm and relaxed. I have filmed a tour of my new sewing space which I am really excited to share with you but you will see all next week!

This week I also started quite an ambitious project which is the Cashmerette Kimball Bomber Jacket an exclusive pattern to the Cashmerette Club of which I am now a member! The lovely team at Cashmerette have invited me to be a Cashmerette Club Collaborator so I will be having a go at some of the beautiful patterns and sharing my thoughts with you all. This is immensely exciting to me as I absolultely love Cashmerette patterns. They are primarily a plus size brand however they have expanded into straight size patterns but with proper cup size options – hallelujah! As any of you who have followed me for a while will know, I have a significant bust to waist ratio which can make some patterns completely inaccessible unless im willing to do a multiude of full bust adjustments which (spoiler alert) I can very rarely be bothered to do and often ruin the line of the original pattern because of the amount I have to add. Enter cashmerette patterns where I can make a US size 2 (UK 6) but with a G cup on the bodice! This bomber jacket pattern has been great fun so far, I’m working with a Ponte di Roma Jacquard and a viscose lining from Sew Sew Sew and this week I had my first ever go at quilting to create the sleeves of the jacket! I’m very nervous and I hope the jacket turns out well but I’m hoping to reveal it next week for you all providing I can pluck up the courage to insert the zips.

So its been a busy week! To round it all off I hit 5k followers over on instagram which is very exciting. It’s not exactly the most important thing in the world, but it was nice to take a moment yesterday and appreciate what a wonderful community I am part of and how happy I am to have an international community of sewing friends.

Now I’m off to get my hair done so I can return to a full head of blonde hair in time for our easter weekend away but before I go allow me to highlight my favourite patterns and fabrics I’ve spotted this week!

Pattern pick of the week: The Chalk & Notch Wren Top & Dress gains this week’s spot for pattern of the week! I discovered Chalk & Notch back in January and I have absolutely fallen in love with their patterns. The designs are beautiful and there are two cup sizes available across the whole size range which is fabulous.

Fabric pick of the week: White Broderie Anglaise from Sew Much Moor is my favourite fabric this week. It always makes me think of spring / summer although I’ve never had the confidence to sew with it! I’d like to have a go this year, I’m thinking possibly a fourth Amaya Shirt but let me know in the comments below of any patterns that work well with this fabric.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment. I’ll see you next time for another My Week In Sewing!

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