Welcome to So What If I Sew

I’m Jess and So What If I Sew, my blog, instagram and youtube channel, is about sewing, dressmaking and all things stitch-related!

Here I document my sewing journey, new makes, new techniques, sewing fails and my progress as a dressmaker. 

This blog is also about giving up fast fashion, considering my relationship with fashion and creating a me-made wardrobe one stitch at a time.

Stick around for pattern and fabric shop reviews, project blogs, technique tutorials and opinion pieces.

Latest Blog Posts

5 Ways to Get Your Sew-Jo Back

No matter what type of sewist you are, chances you’ve lost your sewing motivation at some stage. So here are my five top tips for reigniting your sewing passion.

Fabric Friday Reviews: Sew Much Moor

Welcome back to Fabric Friday! The more astute among you will realise that it is not a Friday however I’m going with it. I’ve decided that this feature is going to be monthly as I have a huge fabric backlog to work through at the moment. I was on a fabric ban for the whole […]

Guest Blog: Endometriosis & Other Conditions with Sewcrastinate

Welcome back to the blog! This month Fridays are going to focus on Endometriosis experiences and first up Sammy from Sewcrastinate (IG: @Sewcrastinate_uk ) is going to be sharing her experience of trying to get a formal diagnosis of Endometriosis alongside living with another complex health condition. I am extremely grateful to Sammy for being […]